Many Happy Returns Exhibit – USF Centre Gallery Oct 17th – 28th


a found poem by Melanie Graham

Exhibit Dates:
October 17th – 28th, 2011 USF Centre Gallery at the Marshall Center
M-F 10AM to 5PM

"Many Happy Returns! An After-War Reunification and Realities Guide" combines film and "found" poetry inspired by an Air Force brochure designed to instruct returning war veterans on how to reconnect with their families and news reports about post-Afghanistan/Iraq war military homicide and suicide.

Visitors to the gallery will be exposed to violence on many levels, represented by film imagery, photography, and the poetry itself. Everyone is invited to attend this exhibit because it illustrates the horrors of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, not just as a by-product of our nation’s military action, but a social crisis and national responsibility. It is the artist’s hope that, upon viewing this work, citizens will be inspired to social action on behalf of military families and veterans suffering from PTSD.

Melanie Graham

Melanie Graham teaches writing at USF and is in her final year of Ph.D. study, completing an original manuscript of poetry concerning women and violence. Her father, a Vietnam Veteran, served in the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps. She would like to thank her brother John, a Marine, for posing for the poster.